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25 Ways to Encourage a Child

Kate, CEO of the blog, posted this terrific poster for 25 ways to encourage kids besides the trusty “good job” phrase. She writes, “I shared my goal to break … Continue reading

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I truly believe that humans are built to bounce. Today, you may feel cynical, or empty, or simply exhausted.  But instead of feeling hopeless, try looking at it this way … Continue reading

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When You’re In a Rut: Alter Ego Coffee Exercise

I don’t know about you, but winter is the classic time for me to begin to feel like I’m in a rut. Snow and ice push down on the earth.  … Continue reading

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Brene Brown’s Brilliant “Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto”

Have you seen this beauty?  Thank you, Ms. Brown, for some tasty goodness and radiant positivity here. What do you have hanging on your fridge?  How do you surround yourself … Continue reading

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Just Before Two: First Walk Outdoors

On account of the unseasonable warm weather, the ice has melted away on many Minneapolis sidewalks.  So, with a deep breath and a small push, we accomplished a huge milestone … Continue reading

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Memento Art v. Discovery Art: Mirrors & Markers

Mirrors literally draw toddlers in like summer mosquitos to a backyard light.   And markers will make even the bravest parent cringe: we’ll have to scrub his hands clean for days – not … Continue reading

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Positive Prompt Jars: Kickstart Family Dinner Convos and More

Here’s a quick, cheap, easy way to prompt positive action and interaction in your life.  The creative outlets/applications are endless (we’ll get to that in a moment). The picture above is … Continue reading

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The “Guts” of a Language Experience: Blueberry Muffin Play

First, I wanted to share a brilliant blueberry muffin sensory experience/food play idea from Kim Humphrey, a speech & language pathologist, over at Learn to Love Food.  Kim should rock on with her fine self because … Continue reading

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